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Chineseness bij Canvas-Art

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Bron: Canvas International Art

Op zaterdag 16 februari 2008 opent om 17.00 een bijzondere tentoonstelling in galerie Canvas International Art. In een artistiek experiment presenteren de kunstenaars Wang Jianwei, Ni Haifeng en Tiong Ang in de tentoonstelling Between the Light and the Dark een onderzoek naar het thema ‘Chineseness’.

Het is een tentoonstelling met video- en diaprojecties, fotografie (lichtbox), tijdafhankelijk theaterlicht op schilderijen, geluidsinstallaties en andere speciale effecten.

Wij nodigen u van harte uit om deze opening bij te wonen!

Wang Jianwei Amstelveenweb
(Canvas Art- 2008)

Wang Jianwei - Dilemma



An exhibition of video projection, slide projection, photographic light box. time triggered theatrical lighting on paintings, sound installation and other 'special effects' by


'To be or not to be Chinese - or rather, to identify myself as such - is a question of political articulation, not a self - evident, natural matter.'(Ien Ang)

Canvas International Art invited Ni Haifeng, Tiong Ang and Wang Jianwei to develop a project for its exhibition space in Amstelveen. Between the Light and the Dark presents research and process based, artistic experimentation on the extended theme of Chineseness. slicing the topic into artistic, cultural, social, ethnic, historical, political, economical and spiritual aspects.

Tiong Ang Amstelveenweb
(Canvas Art- 2008)

Tiong Ang - Woman drinking medicine

The project aims to dislocate prefixed ideas on Chineseness, and investigate, transform and mediate different viewpoints and perspectives on Chineseness in general and present in particular the personal experience, opinions and experiments of these three distinguished artists. The presentations are to be regarded as temporary settings for an internal dialogue between these artists about their varying degrees of Chineseness.

Ni Haifeng Amstelveenweb
(Canvas Art- 2008)

Ni Haifeng - Between twilight and dawn

Instead of exhibiting more traditional works in the large common exhibition space, the artists choose to develop this special project in five more peripheral spaces in the building; storage rooms, forgotten spaces, unused studio spaces.

Opening Saturday 16.2.2008 at 17.00 -19.30 at Canvas International Art. The exhibition continues until 22.3.2008.

Website: Canvas Intl Art is niet verantwoordelijk voor de inhoud van de nieuwsberichten.